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Backup with Arq

Arq is a backup solution for the Mac that will use Amazon Cloud storage. It will also encrypt all of your backups, so that only someone with the encryption passkey (you) can read them.


Download Arq from the Apple app store.

You will need an Amazon account and a Glacier file vault. See these instructions about glacier.

Backing up

Arq does a really nice job of keeping a fresh backup using off-site, secure storage:

  1. Introduce Arq the Amazon Glacier file vault.
  2. Add your home directory to the backup.
  3. Generate and store your backup encryption key with your password safe.
  4. Backup your password safe separately.

Note You are lost without all of these credentials: storage identifiers, keys, MFA device recovery, backup encryption key. Absolutely you must be able to retrieve them from your password safe.


Use your password safe to find all of the credentials requested by Arq in order to access and retrieve your backup.