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Encrypted tarball

Creating the tarball

  1. Tar/compress/encrypt the backups as archives
  2. Store the encryption passphrase in KeePass
  3. Verify the decrypted content list of the archives so you know that you can decrypt them.
  4. In order to help your shopping, to purchase the needed capacity, make note of
    • the on-disk sizes of the backups
    • the sizes of the archive files
  5. Copy the tarball to iCloud or to Amazon Glacier using a client such as Freeze

Retrieving the tarball

  1. Install brew, git
  2. Clone this repository to get the scripts
  3. Install keepassx, gpg
  4. Initialize the backup drive as an encrypted device
    • Store the recovery key in KeePass
  5. Download the backup archives from iCloud
  6. Decompress and decrypt the backup archives to the backup drive
  7. Restore MacBook using rsync